The Darwin-based Skills Recognition Centre hosts the Northern Territory’s Overseas Qualification Unit (OQU).  The Unit offers free and confidential overseas qualification assessments for Northern Territory residents.  This assessment will help you demonstrate what your overseas qualification compares to in Australia.

You must be permanently living in the Northern Territory (NT) to be eligible for our assessments. If you do not live in the NT, please click here for a link to all OQU contact details for other states/territories in Australia.

What can assessments be used for?

The assessments provide a guide to the level of an overseas qualification in comparison to a qualification on the Australian Qualifications Framework

Overseas qualification assessments can only be used for general employment purposes – if your job does not require licensing, registration, professional membership or other industry requirements. 

Assessments are used as qualifications evidence for:

  • Potential employers, human resources departments and recruitment agencies
  • Resumes/CVs (so you can state that your overseas qualification has been assessed by the Northern Territory’s Overseas Qualification Unit and you can include the Australian-comparable result)
  • Professional associations and educational institutions including professional bodies or admitting institutions.


Services are great and Richard is great help in understanding everything related to the assessment. I’m glad that I came here.

Jagdeep (India), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“I am very happy and thankful for OQU service”

Vuthy (Cambodia), Overseas Qualification Assessment

Very quick response and helpful service.

Amana (Bangladesh), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“Helpful result and friendly service”

Andrisoa (Madagascar), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“Richard went above and beyond his duty of customer satisfaction to ensure I received the assessment I needed.  Excellent member of staff, sincerely helpful.”

Sarah (Ireland), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“It’s so quick to get the assessment of the overseas qualification.  Richard is very warm heart people to help students.”

Yifei (China), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“Excellent Service! Friendly staff and they are easy to contact”

Marcia (Indonesia), Overseas Qualification Assessment

The service was above my expectations.  The process was quick and efficient.  Thanks for the help, useful information and professionalism.

Ricardo (Mexico), Overseas Qualification Assessment

The services were excellent and very friendly staff.  I am very happy with the services received.  Thank you.

Robin (India), Overseas Qualification Assessment

They are very helpful and I got my assessment quickly.  They have explained to me on what I can do if I want to teach or do psychology.

Rosario (Philippines), Overseas Qualification Assessment

The staff were very helpful and understanding.  They surely value what they do.

Maria (Philippines), Overseas qualification assessment

I am grateful to the NT Skills Recognition Centre in recognising my credentials giving me confidence to enter the competitive field of gainful employment.

Melleah (Philippines), Overseas Qualification Assessment

Great staff, great service.

Rita, Training plan

Such a great service to have in the NT

Laura, RPL services

Quick assessment, friendly staff and very knowledgeable.

Suphab (Philippines), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“Friendly, quick and professional – very pleased”

Leanne (Ireland), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“The service was excellent”

Renu (India), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“The procedure went smoothly and very professional”

Ritchie (Philippines), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“The services really good and helpful for me”

Lusia (Indonesia), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“Firstly, I was thrilled to find out such an agency exists that assess the overseas qualifications.  On visit, was informed very well and got my qualifications assessed very quick. Thankful”

Mohan (Nepal), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“The process was en point, easy to understand.  It was great overall.”

Iwayan (Indonesia), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“I’m so happy and grateful to receive their advice to complete my skills assessment and assess my overseas qualification.  They’re very kind and reliable.”

Melody (Colombia), Overseas Qualification Assessment

“Great service.  Helpful and friendly staff. I am very satisfied.”

Arifah (Indonesia), Overseas Qualification Assessment